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Welcome everyone!


We are convinced that cruise vacations are the best vacations to take!!


 In December 1993 we took our family on our first cruise to the Bahamas. Since then we have taken 15 cruises to the many places in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and Hawaii. We now have so many of our family and friends hooked on cruising we can't consider going on a cruise without inviting them all!


 In January 2007 we decided to open our own franchise so that we could share the cruise experience with everyone. With all of the many cruises available we can tailor a cruise specifically for you. Take the plunge and you will see (just as we did) how much fun cruising can be.


Thank you for visiting our web site and call us at 866-471-3672 or 972-529-3672.


Greg and Cathy Cyrus

Meet Your Cruise Specialists

Meet Your Cruise Specialists

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